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Product: Silkscreen Printing Tent T20
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Silkscreen Printing Tent T20

  • 1 Color silkscreen printing of text or logos available on easy-up canopies.
  • Portable display is collapsible and easily sets up in minutes!
  • Easy-up canopies have (4) fabric color options to meet various needs.
  • Ground stakes and sandbags help keep display in place.
  • Compare with tents from a local hardware store.

Design Graphic using 1 color.

Design Graphic using 2 colors.

Design Graphic using 3 colors.

This affordable pop up canopy tent creates instant shelter and shade at outdoor events. There are four color choices for these outdoor shelters; black, white, blue or red. Overall dimension of the pop up canopy tent are 19' 2"w x 11' 3"h x 9' 7"d. The large rectangular shape of this outdoor shelter provides shade for a large number of people or merchandise. The pop up canopy tent that is available in several colors coordinates with functions ranging from framer's markets to fairs. Each instant shelter is customized with 1-color silkscreen graphics. Customers design and submit the vector art graphic for application. The portable shelter, pop up tent has a logo imprinted in any color to ensure the graphic will contrast with the color of fabric chosen. Each logo is 50"w x 30"h, while the text that appears on the valances is 90"w x 8"h. The pop up canopy tent that has a custom logo is ideal for use a wide array of events other than conventions and tradeshows. These outdoor canopies are perfect for weddings as well. Couples can have a monogram or celebratory wedding graphic imprinted with the 1-color silkscreening.

This collapsible pop up canopy tent is portable. The folding frame collapses down, along with the other components, to fit inside the carrying bag. The rust resistant frame is constructed from aluminum, making it lightweight, yet durable. Portability makes the outdoor shelters ideal for companies that specialize in providing instant shelter at wedding functions and other outdoor festivities. Optional sidewalls come with the purchase of these outdoor canopies. Additionally, a full back wall is also included. The sidewalls are 35" high, and hang on rails that provide an effective barrier between workers and guests. The party tents can be used without the rails for an occasion such as a wedding. These outdoor canopies have a plastic layer on their interior to provide water resistance. The combination of portability, durability and 1-color logo imprinting makes these party tents ideal for providing shade and shelter at practically any outdoor event!

Please Note: The display can be used without sidewalls, though overall stability may be affected. It is strongly recommended to use at least two half-walls.

Fabric Design Considerations

For viewable image and files sizes, see templates below.

Design templates
(zipped): Download one template for valance graphics, and one for canopy, full and half side wall graphics (two separate templates).

Note: Please design only one graphic for template A, and a separate graphic for template B. All designated A areas in diagram below will use same A graphic, and all designated B areas will use same B graphic.

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